Auckland Archive

One year to the day since the Ihumātao eviction, here’s how things stand

Twelve months on, are the parties any closer to a resolution to the long-running dispute?

Auckland desperately needs shovel-ready funding, and it needs it now

In less than a week, Auckland Council is set to vote for severe cuts to facilities and services across the city. And still pleas for a commitment on shovel ready projects go unheeded.

Why this new plan for Auckland rapid transit is stupid (and sexist)

They might sound the same, but light metro option is a poor substitute for light rail.

Beyond the hype: Why is no one riding Māngere’s award-winning cycleways?

South Auckland’s multimillion-dollar bike paths set a new gold standard, but getting locals on track has proved an uphill battle.

Derailed: How Auckland’s light rail network went off the tracks

Plans for a modern, efficient light rail network have taken an unexpected detour, but there may still be light at the end of the tunnel.

Idea: Let’s not mess up Auckland to save ratepayers 47 cents a week

Auckland has made painstaking progress toward becoming a functioning modern city. Now its councillors may put that in jeopardy for a proposal that will save ratepayers an average of 47 cents a week.

Here’s a totally mainstream idea: let’s take the cars out of Auckland’s central city

Why isn't our transport planning keeping up with the ideas now transforming the cities of the world? Not radical ideas, just orthodox planning ideas, writes Simon Wilson. Like: banning cars from the middle of town.

Where to eat and drink at Auckland’s Commercial Bay: A curated guide

It's been a long time coming. Does Commercial Bay live up to the hype?

Why Aucklanders must save 20 litres of water every day

Auckland's dams have seen just 37% of their normal rainfall in 2020. That's a problem.

Remembering 0800 SMOKEY, the campaign which turned Auckland into the City of Narcs

Josie Adams looks back at the short-lived 0800 SMOKEY snitch campaign.

Cheat sheet: What’s the deal with kerbside food scraps collection?

Auckland Council recently announced a citywide food scrap collection scheme that will be kicking off in 2021, so what do we need to know?

Cheat sheet: Auckland bus hell with mass cancellation till Christmas

Everything you need to know about the suspension of buses in Auckland and the industrial action that it springs from.

In pictures: The transformation of Glen Innes

Photographer Brendan Kitto shares images telling the story of the dramatic housing changes in Glen Innes, Auckland.

Beyond the Unitary Plan: a short list of solutions to Auckland’s housing crisis

Hayden Donnell looks for inspiration and innovation on how to house the city’s future.

Jacinda Ardern throws weight behind campaign to get Creepy Santa to Te Papa

Auckland’s Giant Santa is being retired and may be lost forever. This morning he was offered a lifeline from the highest office in NZ.

The Auckland port is our country’s front door. And it’s a car park

Stadium or no stadium, the time to reimagine Ports of Auckland is now.

Who really owns Ōwairaka?

A very Pākehā protest against the felling of non-native trees on one of Auckland's maunga has erupted

Lessons on the Auckland housing crisis from Glen Innes

What can the suburb teach the rest of Auckland about housing?

The fall of Queen’s Rise? Auckland’s hot new dining precinct feels the pinch

It was supposed to be Auckland's answer to Melbourne's laneways or New York's Chelsea Market, but the tenants of Queen's Rise have been dropping like flies.

24 hours on: The SkyCity Convention Centre fire explained in 15 questions

Smoke continues to billow in downtown Auckland 24 hours on. Here's the latest, in Q&A form.

Major fire at Auckland SkyCity Convention Centre: what we know so far

Surrounding sites evacuated and one reported hospitalised in serious condition as blaze rips through two floors of the under-construction building in the Auckland CBD.

Auckland Council’s plan to reduce its emissions, from farms to fleet

From declaring a climate emergency to setting a 1.5 degree regional target, Auckland Council has repeatedly emphasised its commitment to doing its bit to tackle climate change. The question is, how exactly does it plan to do that?

Crash, cry and carry on: The often grim reality of riding a bike in Auckland

On the good days, riding a bike is the best. But in Auckland there aren't nearly enough of those days, and unless decision makers take urgent action, that's not going to change.