Did you get a weird text about a UPS package? It’s probably a scam

Just in time for fraud awareness week, a new phishing scam is sweeping through the mobile phones of the country

Hot water or chemicals? The controversy over weed killer in Auckland’s streets

South and West Auckland may finally be using less toxic chemicals on their streets. But does that mean the North Shore has to use more?

How Again Again is making takeaway coffee better for the environment

This week, host Simon Pound is joined by Nada Piatek, co-founder and managing director of Again Again.

What to know about Singles’ Day, the world’s biggest shopping day of the year

You’ve heard of Black Friday, you’ve heard of Cyber Monday, but have you ever heard of mega shopping bonanza Singles' Day? If not, here’s what you need to know about Double 11.

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The quest to free Southland residents from a toxic liability

What will happen to the thousands of tonnes of toxic waste dumped around Southland?

Christmas crunch coming for retailers as ports experience massive backlogs

Critical capacity issues at ports around New Zealand are making retailers worried that they won’t be able to import stock ahead of the Christmas rush.

What are the government’s plans for business and the economy?

Sound and reasonable economic policy, or 'communism by stealth'? Here's what the PM had to say to the business community this afternoon.

How Auckland’s Karangahape Road became an international music software hub

Industry leaders InMusic, Serato and Melodics all have offices in central Auckland – and Morgan Donoghue has a connection to all of them.

Why are so many women leaving the workforce?

From March to September, the number of people in employment fell by 31,000 – 70% of them were women.

New Zealand’s unemployment rate rises to 5.3%

The unemployment rate has increased as predicted. But are there any surprises?

Could NZ’s geothermal resources solve the world’s lithium mining woes?

Extracting the minerals needed for 5G and electric vehicles can come at an environmental cost. Could our geothermal resources hold the solution?

How sustainable is a six-green-star-rated building?

A look inside one of New Zealand's most eco-friendly new buildings

What Fonterra is getting right and wrong on sustainability, according to Fonterra

The massive dairy cooperative has released its second annual sustainability report.

Fuel50 is changing HR software to fit the new ways we work

Business is Boring is a weekly podcast series presented by The Spinoff in association with Callaghan Innovation. This week host Simon Pound is joined by Jo Mills, co-founder of Fuel50.

Why is the government denying small business recycling initiatives?

Giant 24,000-litre plastic bags are being dumped in landfills around the country. So why isn't the government funding initiatives to recycle them?

I used to think all landlords were rich – until I became one by accident

What happens when you suddenly switch from tenant to landlord without even buying a house?