Covid-19 Archive

The Bulletin: Intrigue and brinksmanship in Infratil takeover bid

Infratil fends off first takeover bid but another run likely, Otago graduation ceremonies cancelled after threat, and port processing backlogs strain supply chains

The Bulletin: Spy agency overhaul calls, and response to March 15 inquiry report

Response to Royal Commission report into March 15 terrorist attack, slow progress on climate change criticised internationally, and ‘digital handshake’ to be added to Covid app.

Covid Tracer app gets a major bluetooth upgrade – but QR check-in remains key

An update to the NZ Covid Tracer app today adds bluetooth functionality, allowing your phone to automatically track other app users you're near to.

An open letter to Jacinda Ardern from a desperate small business owner

With nowhere else to turn, a small business owner issues a plea to the prime minister to level the playing field between tenant and landlord.

The Bulletin: Labour enjoys winner’s bonus in first post-election poll

First poll after election shows Labour surging, Treasury officials sounded alarm about uncapped film rebates, and full scale of Napier flood damage becoming clear

Mass vaccination is beginning around the world, but NZ will wait for a Covid jab

The Queen is expected to receive her Covid jab in the coming weeks, but New Zealand is giving medical regulators time to study the vaccines

The Bulletin: Tauranga council drama comes to a head

Mahuta signals intent to replace Tauranga council with commissioner, Super Fund keen on local infrastructure, and Safety Warehouse panned for idiotic cash drop stunt.

What happens to NZ summer festivals if Covid-19 returns?

Some organisers are feeling optimistic about the upcoming season. Others, however, are choosing to err on the side of caution.

Siouxsie Wiles: Britain’s emergency rush to a vaccine rollout, explained

Boris Johnson has announced that the Pfizer vaccine will be distributed from next week. How did that happen, and are they cutting corners?

Humour over rumour: How South Auckland is pushing back against 5G conspiracy theories

A new series of videos uses comedy to debunk misinformation that's proved to be particularly visible in South Auckland.

The Bulletin: Select committee seats and what each party wants

Early focus put on health select committee, international day for persons with disabilities marked, and appliance delays holding up new builds.

The Bulletin: What comes next after climate emergency declaration

What comes next after climate emergency declaration, petition against parole for cop-killers delivered, and well-known fashion company under fire.

The Bulletin: Auckland Council considers rates hit to cover Covid

Council considers rates hit to cover Covid, revenue minister fires warning shot over trusts, and some common sense on drug law reform.

The Bulletin: National and Act slam new sick day rules

David Seymour says Labour is promoting a left wing agenda.

The Bulletin: Police admin failure let mosque shooter get gun licence

The gunman's referees were a 'gaming friend' and their father.

Haunted still by the ‘ship of death’, Samoa is on high Covid alert

The 1918 Spanish flue devasated Samoa, and its impact is still felt today.

The Bulletin: Massive workforce boost for horticulture sector

Massive workforce boost for horticulture sector, wild opening day at parliament, and dwindling specialist doctor workforce raises burnout fears.

The Bulletin: Soldier with far-right ties on spying charges

Soldier with far-right ties on spying charges, bright line test could be extended, and Oranga Tamariki boss Grainne Moss will not be resigning. 

A new curriculum for a new normal

A superstar line up of scientists was at Auckland Girls' Grammar last week. Here's why.

The Bulletin: Pepper spray, solitary confinement incidents show prison culture

Shocking incidents show prison culture, exchange of letters over monetary policy more exciting than it sounds, and Auckland locations close over Covid warning.

The Bulletin: Shifts in foreign policy since the elections

Shifts in foreign policy since the elections, government increasingly looking to fast-track through RMA, and Andy Foster gets into bizarre tent tangle.

Siouxsie Wiles: Aches on a plane – new findings on in-flight Covid transmission

A new New Zealand study offers some important lessons on how the coronavirus can spread aboard an aircraft. 

The Bulletin: Contrasting visions on National’s defeat and future

Contrasting visions on National's defeat and future, St Johns ambulance in deep funding hole, and Tauranga mayor quits with call to sack council.

The Bulletin: New wave of bank closures hitting the regions

New wave of bank closures hitting the regions, Australia rocked by war crimes report, and ten years since Pike River marked.