Sorry Quinny, I’m with JK when it comes to what masculinity means

Rugby commentator Keith Quinn's call for rugby players to 'harden up' shows how much New Zealand's macho culture has changed since the days he ruled the airwaves.

Remembering Captain Planet, 30 years on

What is the legacy of the legendary cartoon about environmental protection?

Farrowing crates for pigs being ruled unlawful is a victory for all animals

Both animals and humans alike should rejoice over the High Court’s ruling on farrowing crates.

Bridging the poverty gap: Why all poor kids need Working For Families support

Working For Families payments are a lifeline for kids in poverty – but only if they happen to have a parent in paid work. It's time to end this false dichotomy between the 'deserving' and 'undeserving' poor.

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Covid will change restaurant design forever. Are we ready?

The challenges of 2020 have cemented the importance of having flexibility and adaptability top of mind when creating hospitality spaces.

Four ways Nanaia Mahuta can do foreign policy differently

That Mahuta's appointment blindsided people speaks volumes about the way foreign policy is discussed in Aotearoa.

Why it’s such an ordeal for retail and hospo staff to call in sick

Speculation surrounding the new Covid-19 community case has cast a light on the pressure many workers face every day.

Trump and Ardern are opposites in every way – except one

Why the news media will miss the Trump presidency – and how the New Zealand leader's use of social media bears a passing resemblance to Trump's.

Counting the true costs of our continued Covid community transmissions

It’s long past time we stopped accepting that such a volume of leakage is inevitable.

Swastikas off K Road: How the worst art show in New Zealand came to be

The controversy over the People of Colour exhibition shows how alt-right ideas can thrive in irony-steeped artistic environments.

After a year of acrimony, Shane Reti is the nice guy National needs

The elevation of Dr Shane to the deputy leadership may not set the world on fire, but his calm capability will be a balm for the wounded political party, writes Liam Hehir.

Driving less saves lives, but low-traffic areas aren’t on NZ’s road safety agenda

Lockdown gave us a taste of a low-traffic future, but it shouldn't take a pandemic to reduce cars on our roads.

Ardern tells us to be patient on benefit levels. But we’ve been patient long enough

The prime minister has been quick to rule out benefit increases before Christmas – but the welfare system is failing our communities, which she ignores at her peril.

Why Nanaia Mahuta is right to repeal racist Māori wards legislation

As the law stands, councils that have voted to establish Māori wards can have that decision overturned by a public referendum. It's time for the legislation to go.

How progressive will Ardern’s second term really be?

Extending a policy agenda of real change beyond a couple of elections is notoriously tricky. But has the ground shifted?

I just found the buzziest bit in the Bible and I’m reeling

It features one baldhead, two bears and 42 lads. WTF does it mean?