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An open letter to Jacinda Ardern from a desperate small business owner

With nowhere else to turn, a small business owner issues a plea to the prime minister to level the playing field between tenant and landlord.

There is already a tax that targets people seeking capital gain on land. Why not apply it?

And it's not the only existing provision the Inland Revenue could look at enforcing in the face of runaway house prices and wealth inequality.

We miss New Zealand desperately, but we’re staying put in education exile

Half a million New Zealanders are predicted to return home in the wake of Covid-19, but our family won’t be on that list until New Zealand sorts out its approach to special needs and disability education.

Diabetes treatment has an exciting breakthrough. Now the government needs to get on board

Why does our progressive government treat its type 1 diabetics so much worse than the uncaring socially conservative regimes of Australia and the UK?

I finally solved the housing crisis. Ask me how

Experts have made the case for tax and interest rate adjustments to address the housing crisis in recent times. Hayden Donnell makes another, highly technical suggestion.

False flag: The Mercy Pictures furore and the dangerous power of art

Art writer and former gallerist Sarah Hopkinson attempts to understand the contradictory values that produced the People of Colour exhibition, and what the tumult means for the future of the industry.

What happened when I took a dodgy pill at Rhythm and Vines

How a rogue pill led to the most miserable New Year's of Courtenay Chenery's life.

All the oat milks we could find, reviewed and ranked 

Oat milk is so hot right now, so we bought a whole bunch and conducted a good old-fashioned blind taste test. Here are the results.

The ban on concerts at Eden Park is the ultimate triumph of the New Zealand nimby

A tiny minority of local residents are holding back the joy of hundreds of thousands, and millions in economic benefits. 

The good and bad news about boomers

We’re the generation who’ve been there and done that and earned the right to what we’ve got. And changing the world is already in our social and political DNA.

It’s time to get angry about excess baggage fees 

Stewart Sowman-Lund gets good and mad on behalf of those who have been forced to fork out.

When the savvy bubble bursts: Ending NZ’s love affair with sauvignon blanc

Of every dozen bottles of wine NZ exports, 10 are sauvignon blanc. That's a problem.

NZ urgently needs to find workers to avoid a picking season disaster

The Covid border restrictions might be saving lives but they’re also threatening the livelihoods of New Zealand farmers.

A hard day to be wahine Māori

Leonie Hayden gets in her feelings about a shitty day for Māori women.

When you’re tired of talking, writing and living racism

Māori journalists are used to receiving racist messages. Sometimes you get one that just hits different.

Please, stop picking on poor old Wellington

After a journalist wrote a mean column, Emily Writes steps up to defend her city's honour.

Ardern pledges to care 9% more by 2030

Some observers are questioning whether there are sufficient Facebook livestreams to support the goal.

A guide to defending garbage people on Facebook

Another week, another scandal hits a lowly ex-reality TV idiot. But what of those who rush in to defend Pete Evans, and people like him?

Three deaths in four days: It’s time to end the cruelty of horse racing

The same week Melbourne Cup favourite Anthony Van Dyck was put down, three horses in New Zealand races suffered similar fates – and their deaths went unnoticed by most of us.

‘Great day for poo in Wellington’: Faecal fans celebrate capital’s shitty success

Today's central city poonami seals it: Wellington is New Zealand's capital of crap, says Emily Writes

Australia’s inquiry into its special forces shows up NZ’s pathetic efforts

The far from admirable contrasting culture in our own defence force has been made obvious.

Sorry Quinny, I’m with JK when it comes to what masculinity means

Rugby commentator Keith Quinn's call for rugby players to 'harden up' shows how much New Zealand's macho culture has changed since the days he ruled the airwaves.

Remembering Captain Planet, 30 years on

What is the legacy of the legendary cartoon about environmental protection?

Farrowing crates for pigs being ruled unlawful is a victory for all animals

Both animals and humans alike should rejoice over the High Court’s ruling on farrowing crates.