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Children are experiencing the pandemic too

The world has suddenly shifted into disruption and uncertainty, and children’s lives are shifting with it. What does Covid-19 mean for them?

Emily Writes: On being a parent in the Covid-19 era

The job is always hard enough. Here are some ways to think about how to handle it changing.

Announcing Emily Writes Weekly, coming to an inbox near you

We're very excited to announce the launch of Emily Writes Weekly, a newsletter by Emily Writes, brought to you by The Spinoff.

If only we saw other diseases the way we see Covid-19

The fear you carry over this virus is the fear those of us who have children with compromised immune systems carry all the time.

10 great places to breastfeed in Wellington and beyond

Breastfeeding in public can still be stressful for a lot of mothers. Gemma Bowker Wright lists her favourite places to breastfeed without the added judgement or worry. It makes me mad …

Dad Man Walking: A new illustrated column on fatherhood

Illustrator and writer Toby Morris on the dad life.

No less of a mum: On the ongoing trauma of a c-section birth

For those mothers who gave birth by non-elective Caesarean section, feelings of sadness – even of failure – can be overwhelming, writes Janice Sharan.

Emily Writes: Six months on from Ward One

'Over the last six months I've realised there are always more tears.'

Burps, farts and boogers. Our first eight weeks with twins

Being a new parent is scary and overwhelming and you can forget that it’s also full of happiness. Simon Day shares the moments of joy that have pulled him through …

The issue with disappearing dads

Jai Breitnauer on what happens when male role models start disappearing from a child’s life.

Why I warned mums about phones and breastfeeding

It's not about guilt. But if feeding time means phone time to you, I would suggest reconsidering.

What real mums have to say about your texting-while-breastfeeding guilt trip

A parenting expert has warned mothers against 'brexting' or texting while breastfeeding. Renee Liang, a paediatrician and a mother, responds.

A handy guide to being a good friend to a new mum

The fourth trimester is exhausting for new parents. Here's how you can help.

Emily Writes and Eddie, 7, review Wellington’s best places for swimming

My name is Eddie and I’m seven and my mum said I have to write about my school holidays and I just want to play Minecraft. I love swimming so these are the best places for swimming by me Eddie.

Emily Writes: How to help kids who are upset about the Australian bush fires

The scale of the horror in Australia right now can be hard for kids to process. Emily Writes explains what she's been doing with her own sons to help them feel a little less afraid.

Raising twins is a privilege. And it’s hard as hell

Jane Yee discovers nothing can prepare you for twins.

The Spinoff Reviews New Zealand #103: The kids’ playground at Parliament

Emily Writes and her son pay a visit to the brand new 'playground' on the Parliament lawn.

Emily Writes: All the weird 2019 toys your kids will want for Christmas

It's the most beautiful time of the year! Emily Writes investigates the top 10 toys your ungrateful kids will want this Christmas.

When having two kids is infinitely easier than one

Catherine Woulfe welcomes the daughter she fought for.

What I wish I’d known as a new parent

Emily Writes looks back at the early days of her children’s lives – and wishes she knew that no parent knows what they’re doing.

Emily Writes: Enough with treating mothers as punchlines and punching bags

Parents editor Emily Writes on everything wrong with Australian cartoonist Michael Leunig's latest work on motherhood.

Columnists unite to help save women who are doing it tougher than Meghan Markle

In response to Meghan Markle's admission that she's finding it a struggle to be a new mother in the media spotlight, columnists have banded together in support of all those women who 'have it worse'.

Emily Writes: A love letter to the people that keep our houses standing

To the early intervention therapists, to the teachers, to the speech therapists, the occupational therapists, music therapists, diabetes nurses and all: you change the world.

Thank you to the early childcare centre that changed my child’s life

Gemma Bowker Wright pays tribute to the Wellington childcare centre that welcomed her son, and calls on the country to better support the people who care for our children.