Coming Home: Who’s returning to New Zealand, and what did they leave behind?

In part two of Coming Home, hosts Duncan Greive and Jane Yee meet more recently returned New Zealanders and learn what factors drew them abroad and what life looked like in their new home countries.

Coming Home: A brand new podcast series on the New Zealanders who returned home during the pandemic

Thousands of highly-skilled New Zealanders are returning from overseas as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. But why did they leave in the first place? Listen to episode one of Coming Home now.

Announcing Coming Home, a podcast about New Zealand’s ‘brain gain’

In our new podcast series Coming Home, we talk to some of the many highly skilled New Zealanders who’ve returned in 2020 and explore what it means for us as a country.

How giving native trees helps tackle climate change – and Christmas waste

More than 500,000 native trees have been planted through the Trees That Count programme, funded by New Zealanders and the local business community.

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Lessons from 2020: How the creative industries can move forward

New Zealand creatives share what 2020 has taught them in 200 words or fewer.

Recipe for resilience: Te ao Māori and the Covid-19 response

Across Aotearoa, Māori responded to the unique needs of their communities during the peak of Covid-19. Two Māori organisations share the lessons they want learned from their success.

A swamp full of fools: Who plays who on The Comey Rule

When you drain the swamp, these people and the actors playing them will be all that's left.

How rights keep our creators in the picture

Creative rights play a crucial role in enabling local authors, illustrators and publishers to make and share their work.

Contactless and queueless: How Covid-19 has accelerated the future of money

From shillings to smartphones, humans have always found new ways to pay and be paid. So what’s next and how has Covid-19 sped things up? 

How sustainable is a six-green-star-rated building?

A look inside one of New Zealand's most eco-friendly new buildings

You don’t have to use the dark web to be exposed to its dangers

More than ever, we're at risk of being exposed to online scams, hacks and data leaks. But do we really understand what's at stake?

A year in Aotearoa: The photos that captured New Zealand

James Borrowdale learns the stories behind the images nominated for the New Zealand Geographic Photographer of the Year.

Conscious consumers, beware: green energy isn’t as straightforward as you think

Think you know an energy provider who delivers 100% renewable power to its customers? Think again. 

Debt to the future: The cost of recovery

Jonathan Cotton looks at where the government is getting all the money to pay for the Covid-19 recovery, and where that debt is taking us. 

Prioritising Māori perspectives could make Aotearoa thrive

The fourth episode of Conversations That Count – Ngā Kōrero Whai Take takes a look at the role that mātauranga Māori could – or should – play in shaping the future of our country.

The doctor devoted to improving Māori breast cancer care

Emma Espiner talks to Dr Maxine Ronald, the only wahine Māori consultant breast cancer surgeon in the world, about inequities in breast cancer outcomes for Māori.