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The Fold: Melodie Robinson on bringing live sport back to free-to-air

Melodie Robinson’s career has been one full of remarkable firsts. She joins host Duncan Greive to talk about it on this week’s episode of The Fold.

How Kami is improving digital learning for millions worldwide

Business is Boring is a weekly podcast series presented by The Spinoff in association with Callaghan Innovation. This week's guests are Hengjie Wang and Alliv Samson, co-founders of Kami.

Be fearless: Sandra Lee’s advice for Chlöe Swarbrick, 27 years after she stormed Auckland Central

The MP for Auckland Central from 1993-1996 had some words of wisdom for the Green Party’s Chlöe Swarbrick on Sunday’s post-election episode of Gone By Lunchtime.

Gone By Lunchtime: The morning after election night, with Chlöe Swarbrick

The new Auckland Central MP (pending special votes) joins the GBL team to discuss the big night.

The Fold: A newcomer’s view from the press gallery

The Spinoff’s new(ish) political editor Justin Giovannetti joins Duncan Greive to share his impressions from a hectic first six months on the job – and in New Zealand.

Masterchef’s Josh Emett on opening a restaurant of his own

The Michelin-starred Masterchef judge tells Simon Pound what it was like working for Gordon Ramsay, and what inspired him to open two new restaurants – in 2020, of all years.

Gone By Lunchtime: Alex Braae’s been everywhere, man

Fresh from his solo van tour of NZ, Alex Braae joins Toby Manhire to talk the mood of the nation beyond the main centres, the small parties' prospects and the seats he's fizzing about watching on Saturday night.

Gone By Lunchtime: The final countdown to election 2020

The parties' campaigns, assessed. The exciting seats, previewed. And the results, predicted.

The Fold: Sido Kitchin is launching not one but four new magazine titles this year

Former Woman's Day editor Sido Kitchin joins The Fold’s Duncan Greive to talk about starting School Road Publishing and launching a whole new stable of magazines following the collapse of Bauer Media.

Gone By Lunchtime: Judgement day beckons after Ardern and Collins’ third debate

This week's episode assesses the Press debate in Christchurch, National's leaky redux, the advance voting surge and the rest of the big stories with 10 days to go until election day.

Dietary Requirements: How to celebrate Korean thanksgiving

In this episode of The Spinoff's food podcast, Sophie Gilmour, Alice Neville and Simon Day are joined by chef Yutak Son for a crash course in festive Korean cuisine.

How to launch a print magazine in the time of coronavirus

Simon Farrell-Green, editor of Here magazine, talks to Business is Boring host Simon Pound how he started the title after the closure of Bauer Media earlier this year.

Gone By Lunchtime: How did we rate the Newshub leaders’ debate?

A very special guest joins Toby Manhire, Annabelle Lee Mather and Ben Thomas to go over what we learned from last night’s Newshub leaders’ debate.

The Real Pod returns from the crypt for a Twilight special

The Real Pod trio is back in the same room for the first time in over a year for the long-awaited analysis of a cinematic masterpiece.

How a new app is helping predict depression and anxiety in the workforce

This week's podcast guest is Dr Elizabeth Berryman, founder and CEO of Chnnl, a mental health app for workforces that predicts depression and anxiety with 90% accuracy and helps point its users to help.

Papercuts podcast: Notes from a Bookocalypse

The Papercuts squad review this year's International Booker Prize winner, the new Pip Adam, the latest self-help sensation and more.

Podcast: Unpacking the shocking NZ On Air audience survey with its new CEO

In this episode of media podcast The Fold, host Duncan Greive speaks to NZ On Air’s new chief executive Cameron Harland about the findings of the recent Where Are the Audiences? report.

How Formus Labs is taking the guesswork out of joint replacement surgery

This week on Business is Boring, host Simon Pound talks with Dr Ju Zhang, CEO of Formus Labs.

Gone By Lunchtime: Welcome to Middelburg, Aotearoa

Annabelle, Ben and Toby debate the renaming of the nation as the campaign races to the middle.

Dietary Requirements: The lockdown sourdough phenomenon

What is sourdough and why did so many people become obsessed with it during lockdown? This month’s Dietary Requirements podcast cracks open the starter to investigate.

Saving thousands of tonnes of zinc and acid from going to landfill

In this week's podcast, Simon Pound talks to Jonathan Ring, CEO of C-Prize winning company Zincovery.

Zincovery: The award-winning startup tackling waste from galvanised steel

This year's winner of the Callaghan Innovation C-Prize challenge, Zincovery, is trying to recycle New Zealand's galvanising waste.

Politics sozcast: This election campaign is on the cusp of something special

The 2020 election has risen, bleary eyed, from its slumber, and so have Annabelle, Ben and Toby.

The bestselling NZ author behind Mystic, TVNZ’s latest teen series

In this episode, Simon Pound talks with Pony Club Secrets author Stacy Gregg about the business of children's books.