Live updates, November 17: PM hints at extra help for first home buyers

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New Zealand’s cannabis referendum results were defined by age

The campaign for cannabis reform in NZ will outlive the generation that voted against it.

A better visual breakdown of the 2020 election results – updated

The usual way electoral results maps are presented can be deceiving. Here's another way to make sense of the 2020 election results.

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Four ways Nanaia Mahuta can do foreign policy differently

That Mahuta's appointment blindsided people speaks volumes about the way foreign policy is discussed in Aotearoa.

Why has mandatory mask wearing taken so long?

The masks are coming. New Zealand's hard and early response to Covid-19 is finally adopting widespread mask use outside of lockdown. Justin Giovannetti writes about what changed in the halls …

Five reasons the cannabis referendum ‘yes’ campaign floundered

Chlöe Swarbrick claimed victory in Auckland Central. But, despite her passion and dedication, cannabis remains illegal. What happened?

What is Parler? All you need to know about the right wing alternative to Twitter

Everything you need to know about the huge new social media platform you've never heard of.

As NZ said no to cannabis, Americans voted in sweeping drug law reform

Every US state that attempted to legalise cannabis this election was successful. Why couldn't Aotearoa get there?

After a year of acrimony, Shane Reti is the nice guy National needs

The elevation of Dr Shane to the deputy leadership may not set the world on fire, but his calm capability will be a balm for the wounded political party, writes Liam Hehir.

Ardern tells us to be patient on benefit levels. But we’ve been patient long enough

The prime minister has been quick to rule out benefit increases before Christmas – but the welfare system is failing our communities, which she ignores at her peril.

National pollster goes viral over ‘dream’ US cabinet featuring Republicans

Mitt Romney for secretary of state? Not if Twitter has its way.

What a Biden presidency could mean for US-New Zealand relations

From re-engaging with the Paris Agreement to reducing tensions with China, there are a number of things New Zealand will be hoping from Joe Biden.