Live updates, November 23: Ardern discusses Covid-19, climate change in call with Joe Biden

All the latest news from New Zealand, updated throughout the day.

They wanted to oppose a liquor store at the school gates – but say Council’s process is badly broken

Auckland Council's district licensing committee hearings are being accused of entrenching inequality in the city.

How police thwarted an armed teen’s plan to shoot up a South Island school

A judge believed the police may have prevented a tragedy similar to the Christchurch mosque shootings.

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When cuticle picking becomes a compulsion (and how to give it the flick)

We all have bad habits, picking her cuticles till they bleed is Ruby Clavey’s. She went on a mission to get to the roots of her compulsion – and how she can finally be free of it.

On the Rag: Where is it OK to get your boobs out?

In our latest episode, Michèle A’Court wrestles with the eternal question – how much boob is too much boob?

A guide to defending garbage people on Facebook

Another week, another scandal hits a lowly ex-reality TV idiot. But what of those who rush in to defend Pete Evans, and people like him?

Three deaths in four days: It’s time to end the cruelty of horse racing

The same week Melbourne Cup favourite Anthony Van Dyck was put down, three horses in New Zealand races suffered similar fates – and their deaths went unnoticed by most of us.

Mystic paranoia: How conspiracy theories infiltrated the NZ new age community

Belief we tend to associate with the fringes of US society have torn a swathe through Aotearoa’s traditionally easy-going if occasionally oddball community of hippies, yoga teachers, and spiritual festival-goers.

‘Great day for poo in Wellington’: Faecal fans celebrate capital’s shitty success

Today's central city poonami seals it: Wellington is New Zealand's capital of crap, says Emily Writes

The rabbit house of Mt Eden: Auckland neighbours at war over bunny herds

A suburban Auckland property home to hundreds of rabbits is causing a stir with neighbours.

Live updates, November 19: PM pays tribute to Pike River victims, a decade on

All the latest news from New Zealand, updated throughout the day.

Ace of Hearts shows what it really means to identify as asexual

Endless misconceptions exist about people who identify as ‘ace’, and filmmaker Julie Zhu wants to clear some of them up in Frame documentary Ace of Hearts.

How ‘blood phosphate’ has made New Zealand complicit in a foreign war

New Zealand is the world's only major purchaser of phosphate from Western Sahara, where mineral revenues are driving a newly declared war.

Australia’s inquiry into its special forces shows up NZ’s pathetic efforts

The far from admirable contrasting culture in our own defence force has been made obvious.