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A meeting of NZ’s children on how to ruin the lives of parents in lockdown

'We must never forget out aim: to break the parents.'

The Side Eye: Essential

Summer reissue: Toby Morris reconnects with Tasia, essential worker, following level four lockdown.

Period undies reviewed, for the uninitiated

You've heard about them, but how does period underwear hold up? Carolyn Wadey-Barron tests some locally made pairs to find out.

We wish you a merry quarantine: How NZ’s border facilities are celebrating Christmas

Keeping up festive traditions in managed-isolation will be a bit weird

What I learned in my first six months at The Spinoff

How The Spinoff ended up with a dedicated South Auckland writer.

When Boris cancelled Christmas

London feels emptier and colder than ever, and there’s quite literally no one to see and nothing to do.

The orphan’s Christmas

It’s hard to be alone at Christmas. It’s even harder to be lonely at Christmas.

We went to court to protect Coromandel from toxic waste. Now we owe $79k in costs

'A kick in the face for Christmas' – that's how Catherine Delahunty, chair of Coromandel Watchdog of Hauraki, describes the news that her group must pay almost $80,000 in costs after losing its bid to stop a toxic waste dump near Waihi.

What’s with Auckland’s sluggish return to public transport?

Is it mandatory masks, fear of infection or something else holding Aucklanders back?

A year like no other

The Spinoff was in mortal peril in late March, before its members came to the rescue.

Basement Theatre’s Elise Sterback on making strategy and leaving a legacy

The Basement Theatre isn’t the same place it was 10 years ago. This is why.

The Spinoff presents SUPERPOD 2020 – a review of the year that was

Pour yourself some eggnog and join the hosts of The Spinoff’s podcast network for our annual Superpod.

What’s missing from the report into the Christchurch terrorist attack

Islamist extremist terrorism and extreme right white nationalist terrorism are part of the same problem.

The Spinoff Aotearoa 2020 Time Capsule: an update

The contents list is nearing completion, and the location options are coming together nicely.

Siouxsie Wiles: How the Sydney cluster grew – and what it could mean for NZ

The speed at which Sydney's new Covid-19 outbreak has spread should be a lesson in the dangers of complacency, says Siouxsie Wiles.

Revealed: Suicide attempts and serious self-harm surging in NZ’s prisons

Last year saw the highest incidence of life-threatening self-harm in prison since 2007.

How dog friendly is Auckland? A 2020 report card

Auckland Councillor Cathy Casey sizes up what life is like for the city's dogs and their owners and finds there's plenty of room for improvement.

Has the world grown tired of the Kiwi success story? NZ in 2020, from afar

Al Jazeera news anchor Kamahl Santamaria on how the world viewed New Zealand throughout another tumultuous year. 

On swimwear, size, and finally feeling seen

Illustrator and creative Evie Kemp on a powerful – and unexpectedly moving – summer swimwear campaign.

After years in black, I braved dressing in glorious colour – and found myself again

It's called 'dopamine dressing', and it promises to make you feel happier with just the change of an outfit. The notoriously colour-allergic Emily Writes took the plunge.

Life’s too short for burning bridges, and other meditations on regret

Nadine Anne Hura reflects on love, loss and regret on this first Christmas without her brother.

Villains and vigilantes: A year of social media justice, from Cuba St to K’ Rd

Abuse cases deserve to be treated with a sensitivity that social media just can’t accommodate.

One great lesson from this absolutely awful year

The year 2020 is about to burn itself out and we can all put it behind us. Despite its terribleness, José Barbosa argues 2020 will be remembered as the ultimate …